Instructional seeds

Stop Weeds Fast

Stop weeds before they attack your garden Although everybody has their own techniques, methods, and beliefs about how gardening should be approached, there is one thing that there seems to be a general consensus on: weeds are bad.  They strangle out the plants you worked so hard to nurture and grow, and are generally unappealing […]


Benefits to Growing Organic Food

Growing Organic Food: The Facts Growing organic food is something that in the past few years, has been becoming more and more popular.  All around the world, local backyard gardens have been sprouting up, and households everywhere are becoming more self-sustaining.  Organic gardening is the practice of growing healthy foods without the use of additional […]


How to Properly Plant Your Herbs

The Basics of Gardening Herbs Out of all the various types of gardening, herb gardening is the one least thought of.  When people picture gardens, the imagine flowers of every type, blooming in the sun, with a variety of colors.  While herb gardens are not as colorful or immediately as aesthetically pleasing, they hold their […]