Big Blow For Junk Food Industry And Monsanto In Gmo Labeling Campaign

grow organicNew Scandals Revealed This Week From Anti GMO Labeling Companies

When multiple companies in the junk food industry, along with Monsanto, are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to prevent gmo labeling from happening, chances are they are trying to hide something. But really, I don’t blame Monsanto for trying to keep consumers in the dark about the food they eat, mainly because it is all filled with gmo’s and they are afraid an informed public would choose not to eat that crap if they knew what was really in it. When the public goes uninformed, it is impossible for anybody to make an informed decision, and with that, Monsanto continues to thrive in the industry. They are clearly afraid that as soon as it is right in front of everyone’s face that the cereal and junk food they are eating all contains gmo’s, they will change their eating habits, drastically impacting Monsanto’s profits.

Controversy in Kauai

Just a few weeks back the County Council for Kauai successfully passed the law which made it compulsory for companies and farms to disclose the content of pesticide, in genetically modified crops. The bill also emphasizes a 500 – foot buffer zone in specific areas like homes, schools, medical facilities and other places.

Mexico too banned the production of genetically engineered corn. The risk associated with the use of gmo on a regular basis and its risk to the environment is known to all of us. Diseases like cancer and skin allergies are all associated with gmo products. The honorable Mexican judge specifically mentioned that, no corn which is genetically modified will be planted and grown in the country. This implies that Monsanto will have to cease planting and growing their corn within the country which goes into affect immediately.

Hawaii County Council too made its step towards a gmo free state. The Council preliminarily approved the bill which prohibits development as well as testing genetically modified crops, their cultivation and sale. The bill is still in need of some more stages of confirmation, before it becomes a law and enforces the prohibition of operation of these biotech companies in the island.

Washington Bombshellgmo labeling

The biggest bombshell is now unfolding in Washington. Voters are now considering Initiative 522, that would make it compulsory to mention every piece of gmo information on the label. GMO labeling will become necessary if this is approvec, forcing companies to disclose everything. Considering the fact that nearly 93% Americans are in support of GMO labeling, it is very unlikely that this bill will not be passed. With the amount of support that these bills have been receiving from the public, it is incredibly surprising that something like this has not come up in the past. If Washington passes this bill, it is very likely that all other States will slowly follow, creating a huge change in the food industry.

Although this bill has much support, not everything is going as planned and as expected. A few days back, Washington state Attorney General Bob Feguson, has filed a lawsuit against Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). For those who are not aware, GMA is the lobby for junk food industry. As per the allegation mentioned in the lawsuit, GMA has spent around $7 million and illegally collected funds, while attempting to keep the identity of the contributors shielded.

Recently this week, the source from where the funds have been collected became a mystery no longer. Not surprisingly, these companies were General Mills, Coca Cola, PepsiCo and NestleUSA, many of the main companies using gmo food in their products. As per the lawsuit, top leaders from GMA had several meetings which were kept quite a secret on this money laundering scheme and how the donations of members need to be hidden from voters, which is undoubtedly a violation of disclosure laws.

What Is In Store For Anti Gmo Labeling Companies?

Junk food companies were actually scared about consumer backlash but Monsanto was not bothered. It was not reluctant to reveal the fact that the company had contributed more than $4 million to the campaign. In fact as per records Monsanto and a few companies are alleged to have contributed more than $ 17 million, in a bid to stop the GMO labeling.

This effort by these junk food companies is surely not going to help as consumers are now aware of the risks associated with genetically modified products. They need not be explained about the need to grow organic and the role of non gmo food in our healthy life. Voting is just underway and the final ballots will be on 5th November. The public is becoming more informed of the negative affects from gmo foods and they are now able to make educated decisions based on the information and facts. As per the recent statistics, the “YES” side is certainly more which is certainly a positive sign and gives us a hint of the future. Gmo labeling is now important for consumers who wish to know every detail about what they are consuming.

grow organicConsumers Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

Consumers want a healthy life – nobody wants to be slowly poisoned which is exactly what is happening when we are consuming genetically engineered food. All such crops are grown with the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals which increase the yield and enhance the look of produce but why does it matter so much what are food looks like as long as it is healthy and tastes good? Non gmo food products are much healthier, tastier, and ensures that you get the complete health benefits of the fruit and vegetable. Nutrients tend to get destroyed when these are genetically modified and above all we consume residues of pesticides which remain in the final product.

In recent years, with gmo crops becoming more in the spotlight, concerned citizens are choosing to grow organic in order to have fresh produce from their garden and not have to worry about any harmful pesticides being used on their food. You will not just be having fresher veggies but you will be doing your own bit to save the environment too. Moreover, at least you know what is in your plate and you do not need to check the label to understand if it is gmo or non gmo? Complete nutrition, complete peace of mind and a healthy life; What else do you need? Don’t you think it is the time to grow organic?

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