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The Many Benefits of Eating & Growing Kale

Growing Kale At Home for Better Health Kale has been neglected too long!  One of the earliest cabbage family plants grown, it has origins in pre-Christian Greece and kale was the most common vegetable grown in Europe for centuries. Lacinato Kale, also called cavolo nero or Tuscan Kale is an important variety used in Italian […]


Hydroponic Gardening- Part 3

In this last part of our blog on indoor gardens using hydroponics we will look at an interesting growing system you can build yourself Part 3 Systems for Hydroponic Gardening There are a lot of ways to grow plants using hydroponics.  You can buy various ready-built systems using wicks, drip-lines or other techniques or you […]


Hydroponic Gardening- Part 2

We are looking at the exciting growing opportunities when you use hydroponic systems for growing vegetables.  Here we take a look at exactly what you can grow. Hydroponic Gardening– Choosing Crops for your Indoor Garden What plants should you grow in your indoor garden? Firstly, grow what you like to eat and grow it in […]