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Nutritional Properties in Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting seeds are today the undeniable stars in the vegetable world because of their recognized benefits attributed by their fresh nutrients, providing both health and excellent nutritional benefits such as high levels of dietary fiber, which contribute to substantial weight loss. Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritional of all foods tested because of their richness in vitamins, enzymes that act as catalysts for better body metabolism, minerals and proteins. They include broccoli sprouting seeds, kale, radish and mustard to list a few a few.

broccoli sprouting seedsBroccoli Sprouting Seeds

Broccoli sprouting seeds slightly resemble the alfalfa sprouts in their physical nature, with an expression of mild, yet slightly bitter flavor on taste buds much like radish but without the kick. Its crunchy texture makes it preferable if eaten raw as opposed to being consumed when fried or steamed, where most of its nutritional value depreciates. Broccoli sprouting seeds are low in calories thus zero contribution to cholesterol. Similar to Kale sprouts, broccoli sprouts have high levels of antioxidants make them a powerful boost to the immune system. Broccoli sprouting seeds contain vital vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and calcium therefore exhibiting health benefits that include a decrease in the risk of cancer of the stomach, breasts, prostate, colon, skin, bladder and lungs. Furthermore, these broccoli sprouting seeds exhume antioxidants that reduce insulin resistance; controlling blood sugar levels therefore they are highly recommended for those that suffer Diabetes Type 2. They can be used to in the making of salads, juices and also are commonly eaten alone.

Radish Sprouting Seedsradish sprouting seeds

Radish seeds are a type of sprouting seeds that can be used to sprout or produce mature radish when planted which have roots that are edible. Radish are as crunchy as turnips, have slightly spicy flavor but have a sharp bite while its smell varies from mild to sharp depending on varieties. These radish seeds, like broccoli sprouting seeds, exhibit both nutritional and health benefits.The green leafy tops that radish seeds produce can be used to make salads because of their peppery taste and low levels of calories are devoid of fat and cholesterol. Radish seeds have anti-inflammatory properties from vitamin C and B with minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron. For those that suffer appetite loss, radish juice is a great remedy. Radish seeds can be used to make juice which is a remedy also against acne, but moreover has a positive effect in reducing the occurrence of pimples. Known also for its natural laxative thus aids in the eliminating of wastes by vital organs such as the kidney and colon. Radish sprouts are preferable to relieve respiratory disorders such as cold and flu. Lastly, its sedative properties are an advantage to those that have sleepless nights as it induces sleep so it is recommended that a cup of radish sprouts and a cup of water be taken before sleep.

alfalfa sproutsAlfalfa sprouts

The alfalfa contains a high amount of calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C. vitamin K is essential in blood clotting. One cup of alfalfa has 10 micrograms of vitamin K. The body needs a strong immunity to diseases. The immunity and healthy skin are in the small milligrams of vitamin C found in alfalfa. In addition, it has the ability of building strong bones and healthy muscles due to the doses of potassium and calcium. Similarly, there are small quantities of iron, magnesium and folic acid.

Mustard sproutsmustard

The mustard is excellent in the reduction of symptoms of asthma, arthritis and cancer. This is because it is rich in magnesium. In women, it is believed to slow down the symptoms of menopause. Similarly, it reduces the probability of migraine attacks. Mustard sprouts have a good taste and are a source of manganese, omega-3 fatty acids, copper and phosphorus.

Kale sprouts

Kale sprouts have fiber components that help in food digestion. Not only does eating Kale sprouts help lower the body cholesterol, it also helps in fighting cancer. Research indicates that kale can help to prevent five different types of cancer – colon, breast, prostate, ovary and cancer of the bladder. These are similar qualities as broccoli sprouts which is why they both tend to be so popular!

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