A Home Vegetable Garden Becomes More Important Than Ever

A vegetable garden in which you can grow your own vegetables is always a great thing to have.  But now it has become even more important as we learn how necessary vegetables are to our health.

Recent research in Britain has found that we need vegetables even more than previously thought.   This large study involving over 65,000 people between 2001 and 2008 found that the more vegetables and fruit people ate, the greater the reduction in the risk of death due to various ailments. This was true for all age groups.

The study was based on 3oz portion sizes and found that people who eat 2-3 portions a day have a 19% reduction in the risk of death, but those who eat 7-10 portions show a 42% reduced risk from all causes, including heart-attack, stroke or cancer.

The effect of eating fruit was much less, with fruit juice giving no benefit and canned or frozen fruit giving an alarming 17% Grow Your Own Vegetable Gardenincrease in risk – likely due to the added sugar from processing.

Based in this research it is suggested that the widely promoted ‘5 portions a day’ should be increased to ‘7 portions a day’ and that vegetables should be given more emphasis and fruit less.

Time to Grow Your Own

If this means more consumption of pesticide-treated and GMO crops from the stores, however, the benefit may be reduced by eating potentially contaminated crops.

So having a supply of organic, GMO-free vegetables straight from your home garden has become more important than ever.  It is easier to get children to eat vegetables they have helped grow in the vegetable garden and the freshness and flavor of home-grown makes them even tastier.

When planning a vegetable garden for

your home garden it is also important to grow a wide range, not only of different vegetables but of different varieties of the same vegetable.  That way you have access to your own supply for the longest possible time.  Grow your own early, mid-season and late crops to get the most from your vegetable garden.

Home Vegetable Garden

Boost your Families’ Vegetable Intake; try these tips for your home garden:

  • Puree root vegetables and add them to gravy and sauces
  • Include diced vegetables – raw or cooked – in salads along with the greens
  • Add thinly sliced runner beans to rice before cooking them all together





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