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Love Your Environment and Save The Planet By Being a Vegetarian

Problems With Our Environment

environmentGlobal warming, acid rains, pollution, droughts, and floods are all tell-tale signs about the rapid destruction caused to our environment. Climate damage, change in weather, Tsunamis, forest fires, soil erosion, polluted rivers and oceans are all because we are destroying the natural balance by our desire to make our lives a little bit more convenient and luxurious. It is time to do something to save our planet and environment from the destruction it is heading towards.

What can you do to save the planet? Surprisingly just two steps taken by you can make a huge difference! Be a vegetarian and starting your own vegetable garden – these help you to save the environment and also help you to live a healthier life.

Being A Vegetarian:

A vegetarian helps in conserving plenty of non-renewable sources of energy. If every individual in the US eats vegetarian for even a single day, it will help in preventing 1.2 million tons of carbon emissions, caused from fossil fuels used in transporting animals as well as powering their feed. To produce a cup of eggplant or broccoli it takes just 0.4 pounds of carbon. Vegetarians also help in save water because meat production is an extremely water intensive process. A vegetarian uses 300 gallons of water in a day while a non-vegetarian uses 40000 gallons in a day. By being a vegetarian you can save land too – indirectly preventing deforestation. A farmer can feed around 30 people every year with fruits and vegetables produced in 2.5 acres of land. If the same land is used in production of meat or eggs it will feed just 10 people in a year.

Start Your Vegetable Garden:vegetarian

Another wonderful way to save your environment as well as your health, not to mention how good it is going to be for your household budget too, is by starting your own vegetable garden. Fruits and vegetables grown in your garden will use no fuel in shipping and you can have vegetables just as you desire. Organic gardening has now become quite popular mainly for its health benefits and also in a bid to save the environment. Organic gardening means no use of chemicals and pesticides which will not only damage your health but can cause immense destruction to the soil too in the subsequent years. In any organic vegetable garden, food scraps can be used as an organic nutrient rich matter which will help your vegetables to grow naturally. It will also cut down your fertilizer cost. Save water by collecting rain water for your vegetables or for watering your garden plants. The best reward is you get tasty food all through the year without feeling guilty about causing damage to the environment.

If each one of us does our own bit in whatever small way we can, we will surely be able to bring a change in our environment, our planet, and prevent any future natural calamity caused due to human development, helping us to lead a healthier and happier life.

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