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Todd’s Seeds became well known through it’s handmade packets of seeds for the home gardener.  High quality, non-hybrid, heirloom, bulk seeds.  We have received many requests to sell bulk seed by the pound, in addition to our normal hand made packets.  We are proud to announce that we are now making available for sale hundreds of bulk seeds by the pound.

Bulk Seeds Supplier

Todd’s Seeds is one of the top flower (especially wildflowers), bulk vegetable seed and bulk flower seed companies. If you need bulk seeds for bent grass, herbs or sprouting seeds, we have the finest bulk seeds available.

Bulk Seeds – Now Available for 2012!

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, backyard gardener, local garden store, landscaper, golf course, turf farm, municipality, or bulk seed seller.  We have the finest selection of heirloom, non-gmo, hand packed bulk seeds available.

Bulk Seed Purchasing Makes Sense

These bulk seeds have been highly discounted for bulk seed purchases, and in many instances you can now buy a pound of your favorite seed for what a few packets totaling less than an ounce of seed would have cost.  We have planting instructions for most of our bulk seeds.

Bulk Seeds Saves You Money

I started Todd’s seeds in 2009 because I wanted to provide the highest quality bulk seed at the lowest prices.  I’ve sold a lot of different things on the internet, but getting in to bulk seed was more of a calling than a profession.  Todd’s Seeds wants to get to know the passionate gardeners out there that appreciate good seed.  Our bulk seed pricing is the lowest in the known universe.  It’s true wholesale pricing for the person who doesn’t need a pallet of seed.

It’s very difficult to put every size of available bulk seeds on line.  We can custom package any bulk seeds for you.  If you want three pounds of bulks seeds, we can do that.  So, when you are looking at Todd’s Seeds, bulk seeds, and want a size you do not see simply let us know what you need, and in what size, and we will put together a bulk seeds quote for you.  We’ll even make a special link for you on the website to be able to complete your custom bulk seed order at your convenience.

Getting Bigger Doesn’t Mean Bulk Seed Gets Expensive

I’ll never forget our first sale of that first packet of seeds.  It was very exciting, and I’ve watched our business grow because of our reputation for only selling the finest seed and providing world class customer service.  We are getting bigger, but we will always be the little guy out there competing with the bulk seed giants of our industry.  We are a true, independent bulk seed company, and plan on staying that way so that we can control our destiny and provide hand inspected, and hand packaged seeds.  If you are just looking into buying seeds and getting your first garden going, then please, let’s get going!  It’s never been more important to keep the heirloom seeds going.  Just pick whatever it is you think you’d enjoy growing and eating and get started.  If you are tired of buying your fruits and vegetables at the grocery story and thinking that they just don’t taste like you remember, realize that there’s a reason for that.

Buy Wholesale Cheap, LLC remains our one and only authorized distributor of Todd’s Seeds.  If you wish to purchase bulk seeds by the pound visit Buy Wholesale Cheap – Bulk Seeds

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