Top 5 Reasons To Start A Vegetable Garden

Why I Started A Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening and growing organic produce is somewhat of a newer concept for me. I am not one of those people that have been doing this their whole life and swear by their garden. This is actually something that I just recently got really into this past summer but I have learned so much in such a short time. My vegetable garden is such a relaxing thing for me and my daughter to do together and it gives me an extra excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, even on hot summer days when I would rather not leave my air conditioned house. There have been many different things I’ve discovered about organic gardening but I have collected just my favorite reasons why it is important to start your own vegetable garden.

Cost Effective

home gardenTo me and to many other Americans, cost effectiveness is one huge reason to do anything. I know I am willing to try anything that could lower my bills and growing your own vegetables in a home garden is surely something that will lower you grocery bills. If you think about it, a packet of 100 tomato seeds costs about 3-4 dollars which can yield probably close to a thousand tomatoes, (could you even eat that much in one season?!) For 5 dollars at the grocery store you can probably get between 5-10 tomatoes, tops. Growing your own vegetables can not only save you money at the grocery store, but it can even become a source of income for you. Why not set up a vegetable stand at the end of your driveway and make a few extra bucks, on top of what you’re saving, with the vegetables you cannot consume yourself?

Organic Gardening Helps Control Exactly What Goes In You Body

Besides how cost effective having a home garden is, this is the other big reason for why I am such an advocate for growing you own vegetables. By growing your own vegetable garden, you have the choice for organic gardening. In my opinion, this truly is the best way to garden. By growing organic, you choose not to use all the harmful pesticides that grocery store produce is covered in. Because you are the one growing and harvesting all the produce, you greatly reduce the risk of your vegetables contracting salmonella and E. coli like crops have been in recent years. Having a very young daughter at home, it is very important for me to control how her food is grown because I can’t risk her getting sick.

Offers Many Physical and Emotional Benefits

For me especially, there are so many physical and emotional benefits that I reap from gardening. Until recently, I would much rather have stayed inside and avoided the heat all summer. I’ve never really enjoyed much about the outdoors; living in Michigan and constant the insane changes in weather have always turned me off to doing anything outside. Now that I have my daughter, I want to find things we can enjoy together and I want to make sure she gets outside and enjoys fresh air. Having a home garden is a way for us both to be active and soak in the sun together. Research has shown that sunlight can improve sleeping habits, promote a stronger immune system and also decrease the chances of depression, which is something I’ve also struggled with in the past. Besides all those great benefits that all stem from gardening, having a vegetable garden encourages your whole family to eat healthier, having all this delicious fresh produce right in your backyard.

Vegetables Grown at Home Are Always Freshvegetable garden

I know I am not the only person who hates going to the grocery store. Whenever I go, I try to buy enough food so I don’t have to go back for at least another week. The only problem with this is with my produce. There have been plenty of times where I end up throwing a good portion of the vegetables I buy in the garbage because they went bad before we had a chance to eat them.  Having my own vegetable garden right in my back yard has completely solved this problem for me. Whenever I need any sort of vegetable, I just go out back to my vegetable garden and pick of what is necessary for that day. Besides always being fresh and not wasting food that has gone bad, vegetables eaten when picked ripe taste a heck of a lot better than grocery store produce. Produce from the grocery store has been picked half ripe, which drastically effects the flavor.

There Is Such A Large Variety Of Heirlooms

When you have a home garden, you get to choose whatever you want to grow. There are so many different heirloom vegetable seeds to choose from that you will never see at a grocery store. It’s nice to have a wider variety of vegetables and expand your palate. Besides the fact that organic gardening has a larger variety to choose from, heirloom vegetables taste so much better than any gmo vegetables that you will get at the grocery store.

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