Urban Trees and Their Contribution To Save The Earth

The Importance of Treessave the earth

Trees are an integral part of our terrestrial ecosystem offering habitat for several organisms and giving us life saving oxygen, not to mention the other numerous benefits of having trees around us. The importance of trees, especially in urban areas cannot be elaborated further, as we have already started feeling the outcome of deforestation, in the form of floods, soil erosion and changing weather conditions.

Planting trees is necessary everywhere, but especially in urban regions! Trees save lives, help in cleaning the air of already polluted cities from dirt, dust, smoke and soot which cause severe health problems. Urban trees not only enhance the beauty of the cities but also help in making the city survivable and even further by helping save the earth.

How Planting Trees Help Save The Earth

Cooling The Cities – Planting trees is essential as these help in cooling towns and cities. They help in reducing heat which is generated by innumerable vehicles plying around and heat generated from paved surfaces and buildings. These provide shade during summer days, cools areas around it and provide shelter for relief. If there are no trees in the city, the summers will be much less bearable.

Reduce Pollution – The growing level of pollution is another big problem of urban areas. Trees help in controlling the levels of pollution, as they help in removing gaseous as well as solid pollutants from air. With reduced pollution levels, a number of lungs problems and skin related health hazards will come under control. These help in reducing the water borne pollutants which often reach rivers and streams. Planting trees will help in healthy living, by red

ucing pollution levels.

Help In Protecting Us – Trees help in fighting soil erosion as the roots help in binding soil and the leaves help in breaking wind force on soil. These help in conserving rainwater and help in reduction of water runoff, along with

deposits of sediment after the occurrence of storms. Trees act as wonderful windbreak and are very useful in cold seasons and when winds are severe.

Help In Saving Energy – One of the most important reasons for planting trees is because of the energy conservation

factors. Trees substantially help with both the heating and the cooling bills.

Windbreak helps in lowering the heating bill by at least 30% and is quite significant in reducing the snow drifts. Wind reduction helps in reducing its soil drying effects and vegetation and helps in keeping the topsoil in its place. In the summertime, if trees are planted around family homes, they help in cooling homes effectively. It helps in reducing the air conditioning needs by at least 50%. When homes are moderately cooled down, energy demand decreases a lot. This helps in saving energy, reducing carbon dioxide levels in the air and also reduces pollution emissions.

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Ho Chi Minh City Flower Festival

Help To Clean Air – Trees help in cleaning the air by absorbing various pollution gases like ammonia, ozone, sulfur dioxide and in absorbing various kinds of polluting gases and bad odors. Trees bring fresh air and cheer.

Urban Gardening

The importance of trees is known to all, but what if you don’t have a yard where you can plant a tree. There are always other options to help the fight to save the earth. If you have a balcony, or even if you don’t, mini flower, herb, or vegetable gardens can also really help contribute to reducing pollution and cleaning our air. There are so many different plants to choose from for a small garden that are all so beautiful. The image of walking down a street in New York and seeing flower boxes on all the balconies of the apartment buildings would be wonderful. Every little bit counts and it’s just one more thing that will help brighten up your day, and help to save the earth.

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