Beautiful Paperwhites Help Make A Cool Winter Feel Warmer

As summer is slowly retreating, garden lovers are busy making plans for their garden as planting seasons has just started and no one desires to waste time!  Daffodils have always been a favorite among gardeners, due to their beautiful colorful blooms, different sizes, long life, easy care and little maintenance needs. Though daffodils bloom in various colors. Paperwhites are the most popular and sought after.  These classic, white fragrant flowers are found in almost every home, making beautiful windowsills, enhancing the interiors or simply adding to the cheer and happiness of the place wherever they are grown.

Forcing Your Paperwhitespaperwhites

Paperwhite Daffodil Bulbs are now already available as this is just the right season for planting. If you are purchasing them now, you can plant them immediately and enjoy them in winter. In case you have purchased several bulb clusters, you can plant them in intervals of 2-3 weeks and enjoy their full bloom later. Todd Snively, President of Todd’s Seeds just recently received thousands of Paperwhite bulbs straight from Holland. “This is the best time of the year to purchase bulbs,” says Snively, “If you have 20 bulbs, you can periodically force them throughout the winter and enjoy a little bit of your garden all winter long.” Paperwhites have a very strong scent and are sure to liven up any dull winter day with the smell of summer.

Planting Daffodil Bulbs:

In Your Garden Area: Paperwhite bulbs when planted outside bloom into stunning beautiful flowers – however, you need to ensure that the temperature is not freezing, which is not suitable for their survival. These can be stylishly placed under shades or in window boxes, in large containers just close to your doorways and also near the entrance of your garden, to welcome your guests. Bulbs can be planted in sunny spots and need well drained loose soils with no direct sunlight for their growth.

Indoors: Daffodils are best described as no-fuss flowers and they grow beautifully with least care and maintenance. These are best grown indoors and can be bloomed in soil, pebbles or just in water. If you are trying to bloom it in soil, you will need a small pot with potting soil and plant the bulbs in it, but not too deeply. The pot needs to be well watered but the water needs to be drained too. Daffodils need cool place to stimulate root growth and then moved to a warmer place for foliage and flowers. As flowers start emerging, the pot needs to be rotated so that the stalks are straight. As the buds open, the pot can be moved to a cooler place, where it does not get direct sunlight. The soil needs to be moist always.

Ppaperwhitesaperwhites grow in pebbles too. In a shallow clear dish, pebbles can be added and bulbs placed gently. Some more gravel can be added once the bulbs are placed if necessary. One third of every bulb should be above the gravel necessarily. Water should be added till it seeps to the bulbs. You must just be careful because if too much of the bulb is soaking in the water, mold may appear.

These beautiful flowers bloom in water too and it is real fun to watch their roots grow in water gradually. Forcing glasses augment the look of small areas or windowsills, as the stalks grow. Just a single vase with a single bulb looks impressive and when you have them in multiple vases, it certainly makes a bigger show. Water needs to be added till it reaches the bottom section.

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