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Every now and then I make a statement that we’re going to get more articles, photos, discounts, etc., onto our Facebook fan page, and then we get busy and busier and we never pay any attention to the Facebook fan page we have.  I am embarrassed to admit that while popping onto the Facebook page tonight to take a look at in in anticipate of doing something with it, I discovered someone had sent me a message over a month ago and I never knew it!  That’s just awful, and I plan to do something about it.

I have some help now, someone who is specifically going to do some work on the Facebook Fan Page, and it just happens to be my oldest Daughter, Brittany!  So, I am going to stick my neck out and state that somethings should finally be happening with our Twitter account, our Facebook Fan Page, and on this blog here that will benefit everyone.

Stay tuned!



Todd's Seeds was born in 2009. We originally sold different types of speciality grass seeds, such as putting green (bentgrass) seeds. We quickly evolved into vegetable seeds, then flower seeds and finally sprouting seeds. Our goal has always been to provide the finest seeds available.

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