Flower Seeds for a Xeric Garden

Heat Tolerant Flower Varieties for a Beautiful Xeriscapexeriscape flower seeds

With the attention being given to our strange weather patterns these days, and the need to conserve water in drought conditions, there is a lot of interest around in making your home garden a Xeric garden.

If you live in an arid area like Nevada or Arizona you may already have a xeric garden, but with drought spreading into other areas a xeric flower garden makes more and more sense wherever you live. You will save on water costs, the labor of watering and avoid the need for an irrigation system – and your flower garden will survive you taking a holiday.

The idea of a xeric garden is simple – choose plants that naturally come from dry areas and have adaptions that allow them to grow when water is available, and survive happily when it isn’t.  With large arid areas in the United States many of these plants are native, but others come from different arid regions around the world. An attractive xeric garden will have a selection of shrubs that tolerate drought and some succulents and perhaps cacti.  Even in the coldest regions smaller succulents will grow in the home garden, but the warmer your zone the bigger the range that will be available for your xeriscape.

As well you want to have color and cheerful flowers to bring life to this garden.  Having a xeric garden does not mean you can’t have a flower garden too!

So here are some suggestions for flower seeds you can grow in your xeriscape that, once established, will not need to be watered in summer.

African Daisy (Dimorpotheca sinuata)

This South African native is usually an annual but may be perennial in warmer regions. Its attractive yellow or orange daisies will thrive during hot, dry weather and brighten the front of your xeric flower garden.  The African Daisy is easy to grow from seed indoors or outdoors and is completely trouble-free.

Butterfly Milkweed (Ascepias tuberosa)xeriscape

Just because this plant is a favorite of Monarch Butterflies should be enough reason to grow it, but this perennial growing about three feet tall has beautiful clusters of orange flowers that will be produced even in the driest weather.

Celosia (Celosia argentea)

If you are looking for flower seeds that will give you trouble-free plants for the hottest, driest parts of your home garden, look no further! Celosia seeds grow into flowers with many shades of red, orange and yellow and really packs a color punch.  They can be sown in spring right where you want them or started indoors.  If you are growing in pots prior to plating outside, keep the plants well watered and fed so they don’t start flowering in the pots. They will become a little stunted if that happens. Once transplanted outside, they become a worry free, easy to manage flower.

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)

These cheerful daisies come as an Annual Gaillardia (Gaillardia Pulchella) or a Perennial Gaillardia (Gaillardia aristata) depending what you need for your flower garden.  In either case they will be perfectly happy in that hot, dry part of your xeriscape where most plants will fail.

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