Grow Wild Edibles In Your Home Garden


edible plants
Upland Cress

Enjoy the Benefits of Edible Plants

Weeds are often discarded and thought to be trespassers in our garden with the capacity of choking our flowering plants.  However, the fact is that there are many wild edibles which you

can actually grow in your home garden and enjoy their benefits throughout the year. Why not try something unique in your home garden?

Weeds grow quite fast and need very less care and still continue to grow everywhere. The best part is that there are several weeds which are edible and you can grow in your garden. For some reasons wild edibles are abandoned by humans as lifestyle changed over the year but these edibles actually continue to follow us.  Try edible landscaping and bring a change in your

edible plants

home garden with these edible plants.  Having edible weeds in your yard is also very helpful in case of a food shortage or in worst case scenario, natural disasters or an apocalypse.

Why Grow Wild Edibles

Weeds have several benefits and help us in many ways other than giving us an early harvest when most other gardens are just starting.  When edible landscaping you will realize that you have actually increased the productivity level of your garden. These are homegrown foods and have many nutritional benefits. These are quite economical as you will only have to buy the seeds to grow them once and then they will spread on their own. When you are growing edible plants you will be expanding your culinary horizons too.

Edible Plants You Can Grow At Home

There are several types of edible plants which you can grow in your garden and enjoy their benefits. Cress is one of those plants which can grow just about anywhere as long as they get water and adequate sunshine. You can grow these inside a flower pot or plant them in your garden. Cress is one of the edible plants which grows incredibly easily. It is a great source of fiber and is rich in vitamin C. You can use it daily in your soups and salads.

edible plants

Chicory is another wild edible which can be enjoyed for its lovely tender shoots and roots. It can be planted an inch deep in a garden and takes 2-3 weeks. If you plant chicory in rich soil full of organic matter, you will be able to enjoy its lovely large roots. These can be eaten fresh as in salads or in their blanched form.

New England Aster can also be grown in your home garden in the early days of spring or during late autumn.  These can be directly sown in the flower bed and then covered up with soil. You can grow them indoors too. You can eat the flower and leaves whole and add them to salads, you can dry them and make tea, or you can eat the roots which are said to have a relaxing effect on the body.

Chamomile has been popular among other wild edibles since many years ago for its many medicinal properties. Grow these at home and enjoy its several health benefits. It works as a treatment for stomach ailments and for fevers and also helps in relaxing. It also has therapeutic properties and is used as an antiseptic or antispasmodic. When you choose to have it in your garden, you need to find a place that gets plenty of sunlight. The soil needs to be moist but good drainage is also important for the plant.  You can harvest the flowers by cutting them as they bloom completely. The plant self seeds which means they produce new plants every year for beautiful edible landscaping..

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