How to Juice Wheat Grass

Juicing Homegrown Wheatgrass

how to juice wheatgrassThrough much research, hundreds of wheatgrass benefits have been determined. The question is, how can you get the most of your wheatgrass in an affordable way? Wheat grass is a crop that grows in stalks. It can be purchased in stalks from the store, grown in a garden, or purchased as juice. However, purchasing wheatgrass from the store can be quite more costly than growing and harvesting your own wheatgrass juice from seeds.

Wheatgrass seeds are an affordable way to gain access to all the health benefits offered, including nutrients such as chlorophyll, calcium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamins A, C, and E. By growing this durable plant in your outdoor garden, you can pick it fresh. Then, you can juice it at home in one of three ways.

Making Wheatgrass Juice

If you want to learn how to juice wheatgrass, you’re in luck!  If you do not own a juicer, it can be an expensive purchase. Luckily, there are a couple other methods to juicing your homegrown wheatgrass.

Using a Mortar and Pestle

One of the ways to get the most out of your wheat grass is to use a mortar and pestle. To begin, fill the mortar approximately ¼ of the way full with blades of wheat grass. Then, use the pestle to mash the blades until they begin to stick to the bottom of the mortar. Next, use a stirring motion to crush the grass.

Once the grass has been crushed, add an equal part water to the mortar. Continue grinding until a fine paste begins to form. Then, put this paste inside a clean muslin cloth. Twist the top, and begin to squeeze with a downward motion into a clean glass. Do this until all of the juice has been extracted from the paste. Then, add the clump of wheatgrass to the mortar and begin the process once again. This should be done until the blades turn white, a sign that all juice has been extracted. This is a time consuming and tedious method but it gets the job done without the need to purchase any expensive equipment.

Chew the Wheatgrass

Eating entire blades of wheatgrass can actually be harmful to your digestive system. Wheatgrass is difficult for your body to digest which is why most people juice the grass instead of just eating it. If you don’t want to spend the time using a mortar and pestle or you don’t have the money for an expensive high tech juicer, you can always chew on the strands of grass, just like you would gum, until all the juice is gone. Afterwards you can just spit it out and dispose of the pulp.  Many folks think that learning how to juice wheatgrass is difficult, so they end up just chewing it.

Using a Blender

Wheatgrass can also be juiced using a blender, though the fast movements of the centrifuge may cause the loss of some nutrients. First, cut the wheatgrass into short pieces, to ensure long blades do not twist around the blades of the blender. Place ½ cup wheat grass to 2-3 cups of filtered water inside the blender. For a unique flavor, fresh orange juice or coconut juice can also be used.

Blend this mixture together on the highest setting of your blender. This process should take approximately sixty seconds or less, and should result in a green juice with some pulp floating toward the top of the mixture. Then, place a mesh strainer across the top of a clean bowl. Line the strainer with cheese cloth. Pour the mixture through this, and then press down on the pulp with a spatula to ensure you get all of the juice out of the mixture.

If you want really learn how to juice wheatgrass, get yourself some high quality wheatgrass seeds.

Whether you choose to spend money on a juicer, use a mortar and pestle, or use a blender to juice your wheatgrass, you will be able to reap the many health benefits from consuming this nutritional plant. To start you on your journey to a healthier life and self-sustainability, use the code “15off” to receive 15% off when purchasing any quantity of organic Wheatgrass Seeds from Todd’s Seeds.

Todd's Seeds was born in 2009. We originally sold different types of speciality grass seeds, such as putting green (bentgrass) seeds. We quickly evolved into vegetable seeds, then flower seeds and finally sprouting seeds. Our goal has always been to provide the finest seeds available.

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