How to Sanitize Seeds Before Sprouting

Though you routinely absorb these sprouts raw, any type of contamination will never be gotten rid of by food preparation.

Start by sterilizing your working area and containers with the mixture below.

Mix 1 part bleach with 9 parts water. Fill the container and cover with any type of cover for 20 minutes. Washing well in clean water, or if you have a dish-washer, clean at the optimum warmth. Make sure to wipe down any additional tools you’ll be using as well.

Each of our seeds are cleaned prior to packaging, however it is important to sanitize them as they could end up being polluted someplace along the line prior to reaching you. Simply rinsing the seeds will not remove outside pollutants as germs affix themselves to the seeds and cannot simply be rinsed.

To decontaminate seeds correctly, you need hydrogen peroxide 3%. This can be obtained any kind type of medication shop and some local grocery stores carry this as well. You will also need a cooking thermometer, a cord filter sufficient to hold all the beans or seeds, along with a container substantial enough to immerse the filter in.

The ideal temperature level is necessary. Heat mixture to approximately 140 degrees. It is very important to maintain this temperature during the process as higher temperatures may damage or kill the seeds.  Submerse the filter for 5 minutes and make sure to swirl the seeds in the filter while it is submersed to ensure the peroxide mixture covers all parts of the seeds.

Finish by rinsing the seeds in clean room temperature water.

Be sure to discard the peroxide mixture after single use. It is not recommended that the mixture be used multiple times.

Happy Sprouting!

Todd is the owner of Todd's Seeds.

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