Organic Vegetable Gardening Up By 171% in 2013

Why Vegetable Gardening At Home Is The Latest Trend

vegetable gardenYou might still not be accustomed to the idea of growing your own vegetables in your backyard, but organic gardening is gaining high popularity among masses and everyone should try this at least once.  As per a recent survey by Yahoo, this is the latest trend and increased number of people are now turning towards organic gardening and growing their favoritorganic gardeninge vegetables at home. This kind of gardening is up by more than 171% this year, which explains the gaining popularity of the concept.

The concept of growing vegetables at home has gained popularity due to a number of reasons such as concerns about saving the environment from too much use of pesticides, presence of pesticide residues in food crops and its related health hazards,  rising concerns of food prices, increasing awareness about the harmful effects on gmo food products and increased awareness on the benefits of organic food.

Backyard vegetable gardening is no longer just a hobby or for those who have plenty of backyard space, it is becoming a way of life. In fact, growing vegetables is possible even if you do not have enough space for a garden. Indoor container gardening, vegetable growing in gardens and lawns, in parking strips and even vertical gardening is now a trend among those who do not have enough space in their backyard or their garden. Today, organic gardening is considered to be one of the most popular endeavors for people of different communities and all age groups.

Organic Gardening Benefits

The benefits of organic gardening are many and widespread which is the major reason for its spreading popularity far and wide. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this backyard gardening is health. No matter which grocery store you choose to visit, you will never get the healthiest and freshest of all vegetables and when you have your own garden at home all you need to do is pluck the vegetables and eat.

Your backyard garden produce is certainly going to be more nutritious and healthier as it will never be at any risk from exposure to different pesticides, agricultural chemicals, additives or even food colors which are often used to enhance the color of vegetables, without you, the consumer, even knowing about it. With your own organic garden, you are at no risk and completely assured of getting complete nutritional value from all vegetables you grow in your garden.

organic gardeningAnother great benefit of your backyard vegetable garden is diversity. You can plant as many vegetables as you wish such as spinach, broccoli, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and many other vegetables. You do not need excessive training or skills for organic gardening and vegetables can be grown with little effort, which makes the entire organic gardening experience fulfilling and convenient. With your own vegetable garden at home you no longer have to depend on your local grocer to buy fresh vegetables. Not just this, but you are going to save too, as organic vegetables and fruits are now quite expensive. Whether you are searching for ways to become healthier, or just a new hobby for you and your kids, this should be on your list of things to try out; it’s fun, rewarding, and healthy.

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2 thoughts on “Organic Vegetable Gardening Up By 171% in 2013

  1. I have noticed for the past few years that tomato skins are tougher. I’m convinced the government is involved…HA HA! Seriously, the tomato plants (even heirloom Cherokee Purple) purchased for my garden are tough skinned and I did hear that seeds have been altered. I sure hope your seeds so not fall into that category. I am looking forward to trying your seeds next spring in the hopes of starting my own plants will alleviate this problem! Can unused seeds be kept in the fridge to use the following season? Thanks!

    1. The government is involved! 95% of product in your grocery store in genetically modified. There’s almost no way to avoid it except to plant your own veggies! None of our seeds are GMO and are all heirloom. No genetic altering at all in the growing of these seeds! 😉 You can store unused seeds in a cool, dry place for a decent amount of time. They last longer if it is an airtight seal but be sure to NEVER freeze them.

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