Sprouting Organic Broccoli Seeds Healthier Than Eating Frozen Broccoli

organic broccoli seedsCan sprouts from organic broccoli seeds make you healthier?  For as long as anyone can remember, doctors and medical scientists have been constantly trying to find a cure for cancer and alternatives to modern medicines. Even though a solid cure for cancer has not yet been achieved, there have been many milestones in their search. Recently over the last few years, many studies have been showing there are antioxidants in broccoli which aid in preventing cancer. If you are someone looking for these health benefits, you should stick with fresh greens and avoid the frozen vegetable isle.  Sprouting with organic broccoli seeds is the best way to go.


What is Sulfophane?

Organic broccoli seeds provide the highest level of sulforaphone.  Sulforaphane, which is prevalent in broccoli sprouts, has shown to not only help prevent cancer, but also reduce insulin resistance and may assist with blood-sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes. Sulforaphane can only be produced in broccoli when glucoraphanin and myrosinase come in contact when the vegetable is chewed or chopped. When broccoli is frozen, it is first blanched at high temperatures which eliminates most of the myrosinase in the broccoli, therefore destroying the health benefits. The only way to gain the health benefits in broccoli is to eat it fresh, and what better way to do that than grow your own.  Heirloom Broccoli Seeds are the best type of ogranic broccoli seeds to purchase.

Organic Broccoli Seeds Make the Best Sprouts

There has been a sizable trend lately showing many people growing their own organic broccoli sprouts in order to reap the most health benefits possible. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University scientists found that the SGS concentration in three- to four-day old broccoli sprouts is 20 times higher than the concentration in full-grown broccoli plants.  Organic Sprouting Seeds are quickly becoming a sure fire way to maintain your health.

By growing your own sprouts, you know exactly what you’re eating and where it came from. Todd Snively from Todd’sorganic broccoli seeds Seeds prides himself in supplying every day people with non-GMO, broccoli sprouting seeds, and many other sprouting seeds. Not only that, but there is also constant germination testing so that you receive the highest yield possible from your seeds. Todd states, “We want to make sure that your health and the health of this planet we all live on is first and foremost when choosing what seeds we sell.” He went on further to state, “Growing your own sprouts is becoming more popular every day and it’s really not surprising why once you realize the benefits and cost savings. Many of our customers sprout because they are fighting health issues, like cancer, and others want to maintain or improve the good health they already have.”.  Todd’s Seeds also offers Bulk Broccoli Sprouting Seeds for larger sprouters, or for those that have friends and family that want to save money on the seed purchase.

Organic Broccoli Seeds Provide Many Health Benefits

organic broccoli seedsBeyond their cancer fighting abilities, sprouts from organic broccoli seeds also have many other health benefits.
Sprouts contain large amounts of dietary fiber, B complex vitamins, 1.4 g of protein and only 16 calories per 1/2 cup serving. If that isn’t enough for you, broccoli sprouts also contain vitamins A, C, and E, along with calcium. So next time you walk down the frozen food isle, consider the benefits you’re compromising when you choose frozen over fresh and maybe decide to sprout some broccoli from organic broccoli seeds.

Todd's Seeds was born in 2009. We originally sold different types of speciality grass seeds, such as putting green (bentgrass) seeds. We quickly evolved into vegetable seeds, then flower seeds and finally sprouting seeds. Our goal has always been to provide the finest seeds available.

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