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Although everybody has their own techniques, methods, and beliefs about how gardening should be approached, there is one thing that there seems to be a general consensus on: weeds are bad.  They strangle out the plants you worked so hard to nurture and grow, and are generally unappealing and ugly.  A huge amount of effort is put into gardens in an attempt to stop weeds, but sometimes, they’re hard to keep out.  Because they’re so harmful to the plants that are growing in your garden, it’s important to be able to know how to stop weeds from sprouting up and causing you trouble.

Killing the weeds before they grow too large and become too much of a force in your garden is incredibly imperative when you are trying to stop weeds, as if they get too far into their lifespan, they’ll become harder and harder to kill off.  Listed below are several tips that are great to take into consideration when you are working on your garden and attempting to ward off and stop weeds from growing.

Stop Weeds

Defensive Measures Against Weeds

The healthier the soil in your garden and yard is, the better chance you have to stop weeds before they can make their entrance into your garden.  The healthier the soil, the healthier your plants are, which means that they’ll be able to defend themselves and stop weeds themselves before they can become too invasive.

One of the best things that you can do to make your plants healthier so that they’ll have a better chance when they try to stop weeds is to make sure that you have an excellent fertilizer.  Picking a fertilizer that has high amounts of nitrogen and applying it around four times a year will greatly enhance your plants chances when they stop weeds.  However, just keeping your soil healthy will not completely stop weeds, so some additional methods are sometimes needed.

Aggressive/Chemical Measures to Stop Weeds

If you don’t have your heart set completely on organic gardening and you’re desperate to stop weeds from overtaking your garden, then chemicals may be the way you need to go.  When you’re choosing a product to use, make sure that you implement it when the weeds are actively growing.  Generally, this happens during the late spring or early fall, when temperatures are fairly mild.  Temperatures to either extreme, be it hot or cold, will less then effectiveness of the chemical, and make it harder to stop weeds.

To make sure that the chemicals have the greatest impact and can stop weeds from growing, you should avoid watering and mowing your yard after applying the product.  As always when using chemicals in gardening, keep pets and kids away from the areas that you’ve applied the product to- this protects both them, and helps the chemical keep working to their best ability to make sure you can stop weeds.

The Right Attitude to Stop Weeds

When you’re trying to stop weeds from growing in your garden, the most important thing to remember is to be patient, and to be realistic.  Weeds grow incredibly fast, and they aren’t too easy to eliminate either.  Setting a goal to have your garden weed-free in a day is an unrealistic expectation, and will quickly discourage your attempts to stop weeds.  You’ll quickly become unmotivated if you set goals that are impossible to reach.

In order to stop weeds, you need to take everything one step at a time, setting small goals for yourself to reach, as the end result will be highly rewarding, and worth the hard work.  It will help greatly if you divide your garden up into sections and work on each area at a time, tackling weeds gradually.  Watching the weeds disappear from your garden and knowing that you were able to stop weeds from growing with your own hard work is a great confidence booster, and will motivate you to keep working to stop weeds in the other sections of your garden.  Make sure that when you’re setting goals, you set time aside each day to work on your garden, and that you stick to your schedule.



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