The Different Tastes Of Sprouting Seeds

The Different Types Of Sprouting Seeds

Sprouts are healthy, fresh and help in keeping your weight under control. Sprouting seeds come in many different types, each with a different taste and but all with bountiful health benefits. No wonder, these make great salad options and used in several recipes across the globe and even was once used as a medicine in ancient times. If you are a health nut and love to eat and stay healthy, then sprouts must already be a part of your diet.

There are several types of sprouting seeds to choose for your daily diet. Here are some common types of sprouts and a little bit about how they taste.

So What Do Sprouting Seeds Taste Like?

Mung Bean Sprouts :

These are the most popular and common and are an integral part of Asian cuisine. Mung bean sprouts are quite thick and are crunchy and have a nutty taste – mild and fresh. These are a rich source of vitamins and proteins. These can be served as salads, sprinkled as crunchy rice toppings or simply enjoyed with butter.

Broccoli Sprouts:

Almost everyone is fond of broccoli sprouts due to their lovely delicious flavor. People who prefer sprouting these at home do it because they enjoy their freshness and organic taste which certainly makes them even more enjoyable. Broccoli sprouting seeds are always in demand due to their several health benefits. The sprouts have a subtle spicy flavor which makes them suitable for use in sushi’s, pizzas and wraps. These are loaded with many vitamins and have cancer fighting properties.

Alfalfa Sprouts:

These are easily available in most grocery stores and form a staple diet for those who are conscious of their health. As sprouting begins, the seeds start developing thin shoots which are often tangled with green leaves towards the end. These are crispy and crunchy just like mung bean sprouts, a sweet and nutty flavor with a tender texture and often added to sandwiches. Alfalfa sprouts have a mild flavor which makes them perfect as an everyday breakfast item such as sprinkled on omelets or added to soups, wraps, salads or even in green smoothies.

Radish Sprouts:

These sprouts are known for their brilliant spicy fresh flavor which reminds us of a completely grown radish. They have a smoother and a more delicate texture than a full grown radish. Radish sprouting seeds move on to develop slightly reddish pink colored shoots with tiny green leaves. Fresh radish sprouts taste wonderful when served with feta cheese, salads and strawberries.

Wheatgrass Sprouts:

These are very common and are known for their refreshing, slightly sweet and intense taste. Just as all other types of sprouts, these are loaded with plenty of health benefits and nutrients which make it just perfect as a healthy diet option. Sprouting these is quite simple and involves very little care; shoots start developing within 3-4 days and then they are already ready to eat!

If you are fond of sprouts and look forward to a healthy and happy life ahead, it is a good idea to start sprouting a mixture of all these seeds so that you can enjoy their different varieties and get the nutritional benefits of all these seeds.

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