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Becoming a Vegetarian (Or Vegan) Part Time For Yourself and The Environment

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Going Vegan Doesn’t Only Benefit The Animals

In today’s society,  vegans and vegetarianism have been in the spot light more and more often. With all the craziness going on with global warming and other natural disasters that seem to be occurring more and more often, people have been realizing that we really need to begin to take care of our planet. It is more common now a days that people are going vegan not because they love animals, but because they want to take care of themselves and the earth better.

When thinking about everything that is involved with being a vegan, it can be somewhat overwhelming at times. You have to make sure that restaurants serve vegan dishes, or when you are going to a party, there  may not be any vegan meals for you to choose. At times it becomes difficult and it seems unrealistic. Although becoming a vegetarian is much easier than going vegan, it still has it’s challenges which is why a great choice for pretty much anybody is something called a “part time vegan”.

going veganHow Does Going Vegan Part Time Benefit Me?

Being a part time vegan means that you focus on making sure that some meals that you eat don’t contain any animal products. By doing this, you greatly reduce many negative effects that processing meat products creates. Some of the negative effects on the planet that are caused by consuming meat include excess carbon emissions, extra water usage, and deforestation. 2.5 acres of land can feed around 30 vegetarians a year, while the same amount of land can only feed 10 carnivores per  year. Simple things like only eating meat 3-5 times per week or picking specific days every week you will eat only vegan is a quick and easy way to start saving the environment, while also making yourself healthier.

Although being a vegan is usually associated with being healthy, it is very easy to be an unhealthy vegan. If you are constantly consuming carbs and extra calories by only eating pasta and bread, you will easily gain wait while eating a vegan diet. The healthiest way for you to benefit from being even a part time vegan is to focus mainly on incorporating vegetables and protein into your diet. When I think about protein, I tend to think about meat, but grains, nuts, seeds, and beans all contain plenty of protein to keep you healthy.

The Easiest Way To Create Vegan Meals

The way I look at things is that the more convenient something is for you, the more likely you are to do it. If you’re someone who hates going to the grocery store often, then having fresh vegetables at home is probably not a very common occurrence for you. The easiest solution for this problem is to start your own organic vegetable garden. It is so convenient to have whatever you need right in your back yard and my favorite part about that is you know exactly where the food you are eating is coming from. By growing your own food, you know the seeds are 100% organic, non gmo, and there there were absolutely no pesticides used.going vegan

Another bonus to starting your own vegetable garden is that you are saving all of the extra fuel and carbon emissions that it would have taken to transport those vegetables to the supermarket for your consumption. The more people that start to do this will save so much fuel even in just a short period of time.

Stay With It

When you first decide to become a part time vegan, it may seem like a challenge at first and there will probably be some bumps in the road. The longer you stick with it, the more natural it becomes and the easier it is. Once you make a schedule about when you will eat meat and when you will not, you have to be very strict with it, kind of like a budget. If there is ever a rough patch when you get frustrated, just think about all the good you are doing for yourself and for the planet that your grandchildren will soon inhabit.


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