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Herbal Remedies from your Garden at Home

Homeopathic Remedies from Medicinal Plants Medicinal plants have been around for centuries. Before science and technology provided us with the various medicines we have to treat illnesses today, doctors would use herbal medicine to cure their patient. These herbal remedies were all-natural, many of which can still be used today. Medicinal Plants and Herbal Remedies […]


How to Juice Wheat Grass

Juicing Homegrown Wheatgrass Through much research, hundreds of wheatgrass benefits have been determined. The question is, how can you get the most of your wheatgrass in an affordable way? Wheat grass is a crop that grows in stalks. It can be purchased in stalks from the store, grown in a garden, or purchased as juice. […]


Healthy, Nutritional Living with Sprouting Seeds

Nutritional Properties in Sprouting Seeds Sprouting seeds are today the undeniable stars in the vegetable world because of their recognized benefits attributed by their fresh nutrients, providing both health and excellent nutritional benefits such as high levels of dietary fiber, which contribute to substantial weight loss. Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritional […]


Growing and Eating Artichokes

The Ever Versatile Artichoke Vegetable Seeds Artichokes have a reputation as a gourmet vegetable, even though in southern Europe they are eaten as a day-to-day food. Their reputation probably has more to do with cooking them than growing them, since when it comes to growing vegetables, they are an easy crop. Because they have been […]


Flower Seeds for a Xeric Garden

Heat Tolerant Flower Varieties for a Beautiful Xeriscape With the attention being given to our strange weather patterns these days, and the need to conserve water in drought conditions, there is a lot of interest around in making your home garden a Xeric garden. If you live in an arid area like Nevada or Arizona […]