About Todd’s Seeds and Todd Snively

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About Todd Snively – Passionate Seed Expert & Owner of Todd’s Seeds

Welcome to Todd’s Seeds, where our commitment to quality and growth mirrors the dedication of our founder and owner, Todd Snively. With a lifelong passion for gardening and a deep-rooted love for nature, Todd has transformed his enthusiasm into a thriving business, aimed at helping others discover the joy and satisfaction of growing their own plants.

Early Beginnings

Todd’s journey into the world of seeds began in childhood, where he spent countless hours in the family garden, learning the intricacies of planting and nurturing various types of plants. This early exposure to the wonders of gardening ignited a spark in Todd, setting him on a path to becoming a respected expert in the field.  While most of this early work was pulling weeds in the hot sun, it didn’t quell his desire to understand seeds at a higher level.

Education and Expertise

Armed with an education in Horticulture, Todd furthered his knowledge and skills, delving into the science of plant growth, sustainable farming practices, and the art of seed selection. His academic background, combined with practical experience, equipped him with a unique perspective on the importance of quality seeds in successful gardening.

Todd's Seeds and Todd Snively
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Todd’s Seeds: A Dream Realized
Todd’s Seeds was born out of a desire to share his passion with others. The company represents not just a business, but a community for gardening enthusiasts of all levels. Todd’s philosophy is simple: provide the highest quality seeds, sourced responsibly and tested for superior germination rates.  Whether you are a home sprouter, or a growing microgreen/sprouting company, you’ll feel at home at Todd’s Seeds.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability
Under Todd’s leadership, Todd’s Seeds has become synonymous with quality. His commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is evident in every aspect of the business, from the selection of non-GMO, organic seeds to the use of environmentally conscious packaging.

Educator and Advocate
Beyond the business, Todd is a dedicated educator and advocate for home gardening. He regularly hosts workshops and publishes articles to share his knowledge, aiming to inspire a new generation of gardeners. He believes that gardening is not just a hobby but a way of life that promotes health, well-being, and a deeper connection to the environment.

A Vision for the Future
Looking ahead, Todd continues to innovate and expand his offerings, always with the goal of making gardening accessible and enjoyable for everyone. His vision extends to creating a global community of gardeners who share ideas, successes, and the joy of growing.

Join Todd on the Gardening Journey

At Todd’s Seeds, every customer is invited to join Todd on this incredible journey of growth and discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Todd and his team are here to support you every step of the way.

Believe it or not, our Todd’s Seeds business all started with grass seed, and by that I mean bentgrass seed.  For those of you who don’t know, bentgrass is that special kind of grass that golf courses use on their greens, tee boxes and fairways.

We saw a demand for bentgrass seed in smaller amounts, like one – ten pounds, instead of the twenty-five pound minimums most companies sold it in.  This got us to thinking that maybe there were other kinds of seeds we could sell and our education began.  Our very first Todd’s Seeds seed was beefsteak tomato seed.  A real special heirloom seed that was quite popular.

About Us

The seed industry can be very, very intimidating when you look at the sheer number of hybrids that are out there.  After investigating and learning about the hybrid market we decided that we didn’t want to specialize in hybrid seeds.  We do have some corn seeds that are hybrid, however, none of our seeds are genetically altered, and we do not specialize in hybrid seeds.

We discovered that heirloom and organic seeds were what this industry needed better supply, and at fair prices.  Chemicals and pathogens present in seed can easily be transmitted to the resulting plant, therefore, if you do not want to be consuming chemicals or ecoli in your food, you need to know that the seed you are buying is also clean, and this is one of the things we excel at.

Our seeds go through several levels of testing and cleaning, prior to being deemed ready for shipment.

The laboratory that tests our seeds look for SIX different kinds of ecoli disease, even though a couple of the strains are so rare, we don’t ever expect to see them.  We do the extra steps because we know that our customers appreciate it.

When we say our seeds are chemical free – we mean it.  Check out our article where we discuss the important differences between chemical free and organic seeds.  You can rest assured that you’re getting the best of both world’s with Todd’s Seeds.

Todd’s Seeds – Inspection

We visually inspect everything, and hand pack everything.  Our packaging isn’t fancy, and while we have a lot of software automation to handle order processing and shipping, the fact of the matter is that our production and fulfillment is all done by hand.  We still believe that the product is more important than the packaging, and we always try to keep our costs down and pass that savings along to our customers.  We may decide one day to upgrade our packaging to make it more commercially viable, however, we will never compromise the seed within.  Todd’s Seeds will always be what the rest of the industry shoots for to compete against us for quality.

Also, don’t forget about our famous Seed Planting Instructions.  If you see something that you need seed planting instructions for, that we don’t have, please, reach out and tell us.  We will get some made up straight off.

It’s a privilege serving our customers, and we will always do our best to provide fast answers to questions, and always fast order fulfillment, even if something’s out of stock.  Thank you again for your patronage and please feel free to browse our seed store.