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The History of Vegetables – Part One

Introduction One thing that separates humans from animals is our love of gastronomy. We don’t just eat to survive, we eat for pleasure and for optimum nutrition too. It’s for this reason that our human story is closely related to the history of vegetables. Over time, we’ve altered vegetables to suit our tastes and have […]

types of microgreens

Types of Different Microgreens

When a plant’s germination has produced a stem and its first leaves, it’s ready to harvest as a microgreen. This means they are very young plants harvested after only 2 or 3 weeks. This makes them nutritious as they still hold many of the nutrients preserved in the seeds. The nutritional value of microgreens added […]


The Fundamentals of Sprouting

What Are Sprouts Sprouts and microgreens are very small plants similar to the green spots specked on your lawn. They can be grown from almost any plant but are harvested very early in their germination. This early harvesting makes them more nutritious than the fully grown plants. Once only used as garnish, these mini plants […]