Growing Popularity Of Organic Farming

Growing Non Gmo Heirloom Crops Is Becoming Normal

Americans are becoming health conscious and striving for healthier living in every way possible. This is probably one of the main reasons why more and more land is being used for organic farming. Farmers are happy too as they find this more profitable than other methods of farming. As per a recent study, since the year 1999, there has been athree fold increase in organic farming worldwide and it is continuously on the rise.

organic farming
People are becoming more aware of the benefits of buying organic

What Is Organic Farming?

Well – it is a technique of farming which does not use any kind of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. It focuses on crop rotation, use of natural composts and growing crops which will help in returning the nutrients to the soil naturally, without use of chemicals. Heirloom seeds are primarily used in organic farming which helps in development of non gmo foods.

Environment Friendly – There are many benefits of organic farming which explains its quick spread worldwide. Food security, health benefits, environment friendly and reduced costs with benefits of fresh produce have been have been some reasons why this kind of farming is highly popular. Not just this, urban farming helps in acting as drainage basins, adds greenery to the city and helps in reducing harmful run-off. It also helps in reducing the impact of climate changes.

organic farming
Even the yields are higher for organic crops!

Yielding More Seeds For Future – Organic farming encourages the use of heirloom seeds because these seeds are well adapted to surviving pests and droughts. The farming method does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers which will ensure the produce is completely safe and healthy for consumption.  Organic farmers often

move ahead with developing a ‘seed bank’ so that there is no dependence on hybrid seeds. Organic farming helps promote non gmo foods, which are much healthier.

Beneficial For Soil – Organic farming enriches the soil too as the soil teams with life with its rich micro nutrients. This helps to enhance the richness of the soil without adding chemical rich compost which promise more yield but are actually considered to be poison for human health in the long run. Organically enriched soil can be used for several more years to grow crops. Farmers love this kind of rich soil and opt for organic farming.

Healthy Living copyHealthy Living – Consuming non gmo food has many prolonged health benefits. It helps in reducing risks of heart attacks, cancer or stroke. Healthy produce ensures better digestion, stronger immunity to diseases, and increased resistance from allergies. It ensures great health for years to come.

Eating organic ensures that you are eating healthy and therefore you feel better and you are on your way to an overall healthy lifestyle. More people have been getting to this realization recently and that is the main reason why organic farming is on such an up rise currently.

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