Small Garden Design Ideas

Small Garden Design Ideas – It is possible!

When you’re dealing with a small piece of land, using space efficiently is vital to creating a beautiful garden.  There is only so much room for you to play around with when creating a design, and when increasing the actual plot of land isn’t a viable option, you can use some of the following small garden design ideas to enhance your space!

One of the best things about coming up with small garden design ideas is that you have the opportunity to be much more creative than if you have a regular sized plot of land.  Sometimes less can be more, if you implement the right small garden design ideas to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

One of the biggest ideas when coming up with small garden design ideas is making your small piece of land feel larger than it really is.  No matter how beautiful or in bloom your garden is, if it’s small and you don’t go through the right measures, chances are, it’s going to look a little pathetic.  However, this is completely avoidable!  Most small gardens are small because they have a border that confines the usable space, such as walls that create a boxed-in feel to the yard.  Thankfully, a few creative designers have come up with small garden design ideas that you can use to trick people into thinking that your garden is more spacious than it really is.

small garden design ideas

Use your walls for your small garden design ideas

One of the best small garden design ideas that is easy to implement is to hide whatever borders or walls you may have with plants or various aesthetic structures.  This works on many levels to improve the overall design of your garden, as it may hide unsightly marks or gouges that are in the walls, and it also makes your garden appear to go on beyond the wall, instead of simply stopping.  Hiding these dividing elements is just one of the many small garden design ideas that will get you off to a great start.

When regarding walls in your garden, another important element is their color.  Simply painting them a darker shade will create an element of depth in your garden that wasn’t there before, and if you cover the darker walls with plants as mentioned before, the confined area will seem to blend together and fill itself in.

One of the greatest small garden design ideas is to integrate curves into your general design.  This helps create the illusion that there is more space because the brain senses that there is a greater distance to travel as opposed to a straight line.  It’s a mental trick to make it seem like your garden takes up more area than it actually does!  Curves can be in the path, the flower beds that you lay down, in the walls surrounding your garden- wherever you like!

Taking your small garden design ideas to a new level

When people think of gardening, they think of a single level, right on the ground.  However, one of the next small garden design ideas focuses on the idea of taking your garden vertical.  Add archways that go to nowhere, hang shelves from corners and string plants and flowers along them so that you’re surrounded by flora.  Even if you have limited ground space, the sky is the limit (literally!) when you start building your garden vertically.

One of the last of the small garden design ideas involves the implementation of mirrors.  They don’t need to be ostentatious, gaudy things, but just a simple, small mirror or two on a wall, or in a corner, will create the illusion that your garden has more space than it does.  It’s a beautiful, personal touch to your garden, and you can get as creative with it as you like!

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