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Wholesale Seeds – Todd’s Seeds specializes in good, old-fashioned, Heirloom, non-GMO, open-pollinated vegetables, flowers, and sprouting seeds.  Our seeds are inspected and packaged the old-fashioned way, by hand.  We are based in Michigan and have relationships all over the country with farmers and coops to bring you nothing but the best for your personal garden, seed, or microgreen business.  We are pleased to provide seeds to some of the finest microgreen growers in the country and provide fresh vegetables, sprouts, and microgreens to the best restaurants out there.

Todd’s Seeds – Wholesale Seeds Pricing!

Yes, yes, we know – we are not charging enough for the Todd’s Seeds brand.  We hear it all the time.  However, seeds do not have to be expensive.  The largest factor in the pricing of seeds, believe it or not, is business overhead.  We’ve done everything we can to ensure that we don’t have any bloated expenses driving up the prices of your seeds.  You can rest assured that the Todd’s Seeds warehouse employees are cold in the winter and hot in the Summer.  We do keep the seed comfortable, though.  It’s what we’re willing to do to keep prices low for you.

You will also see that we haven’t gone too overboard on the Todd’s Seeds packaging.  We use simple materials with homegrown manufacturing to ensure that the wholesale seeds’ price at Todd’s Seeds stays the lowest in the known universe.  We hope that down the road, we will be able to add more physical products to help you with your gardening and sprouting endeavors, but for now, in addition to the seeds, we have some growing trays and the famous Easy Sprout sprouter, the easiest sprouter in the world to use.  To check out our other gardening supplies, CLICK HERE.

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Why Todd’s Seeds?

That’s a fair question.  The lowest price is not always the best reason to buy something, especially as important as seeds.  So, even though we sell wholesale seeds in smaller quantities, the seed can still be pricy.

While there are many reasons to buy Todd’s Seeds wholesale seeds, the main reason is the quality of the seed and our willingness to stand behind our product.  We only purchase seeds that we’d feel comfortable growing ourselves.  If our trusted sources run out, we DO NOT seek to fill our stock from an untrusted, untested source.  We simply wait for our trusted farmer to overcome whatever difficulty caused the shortage in the first place.

It’s not our goal to sell the greatest number of wholesale seeds on the internet; it’s our goal to sell the finest seeds on the internet and to do so with good, old-fashioned values.  With very few exceptions, Todd’s Seeds are grown in the USA by US farmers and packaged here in the USA by hand.

Todd’s Seeds Wholesale Seeds are Tested for Quality!

Every lot of seed we sell has been germination-tested and laboratory-tested for quality.  There’s no profit in selling dead seed, but try and get a refund from other sellers if your seed non-gmo wholesale seedswon’t germinate.  Our guarantee to you is that if you are not thrilled silly with your experience, we are not thrilled silly either!  Todd’s Seeds will do whatever is in our power to make sure that your experience, from start to finish, is the best it can be, and if something does go wrong, there’s not a finer company around to fix the issue and get you back on the right track.

The benefit to buying Todd’s Seeds is that every packet and pound of seed has the germination results on the label.  We have Seed Planting Instructions right on our website.  The companies that try to put planting instructions right on the seed packets are not doing you a favor.  Look at our detailed instructions on our website versus the minimal, tiny instructions on the average packet of seeds our competitor sells. Who is giving you more information to be successful with your seeds, them or Todd’s Seeds?  If you are really into seeds, check out the Seed Wiki.  You’ll learn more about seed structure, development, and germination than at other sites.

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds at Todd’s Seeds

Todd’s Seeds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – I am constantly fascinated when I go back into the warehouse to see all the different kinds of seeds and how they look compared to each other.  How these seeds grow is fascinating also.  Some seeds will germinate very, very easily, like wheatgrass or even broccoli seeds.  Other seeds need a little extra help, and you can find these tips in Todd’s Seeds Planting instructions.

Todd’s Seeds will always strive to provide you with the finest wholesale seeds and service, and you’ll be proud to recommend us to your friends.  We all look forward to adding content to this website, providing the quality seed you deserve, and at a price we can all afford.  Please let us know how we are doing.

alfalfa sprouts from Todd's Seeds Wholesale Seeds

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