How to Grow Bean Sprouts in a Jar – 4 Easy Steps to Follow

How to grow bean sprouts is something that you may be thinking about for your health when it is time to harvest your first crop. You will no doubt have a sprouting rack on your kitchen windowsill waiting for the sprouts to appear. You have heard of sprouting beans indoors, but do you know how? The process can be a little difficult, but you can accomplish it with the right tools and guidance.

Bean sprouting seeds are kept dry, so they get started quickly and easily. They are planted directly into a warm location to sprout before they die down. It is best to start with small seed packets because they can be stored easily without taking up too much room in the refrigerator.

Sprouting Your Bean Sprouts

To sprout your bean sprouting seeds, you must make sure there is ample water. All plants require water, so you should give this priority above all else. If there is not enough water available, the seeds will not sprout. When the weather is warm and damp, it is easy for seeds to dry out. If they are not kept moist, it takes much longer to sprout. Invest in a good sprinkler to ensure there is always enough water.

To sprout bean sprouts, it is important to remember that each bean will need approximately six hours of light per day. You can accomplish this by placing them in a window that opens slightly. You could also use a full sun lazed deck or patio. Another way is to grow them in an area with partial shade during the day. They should be in a sunny spot for most of the day.

How to Grow Bean Sprouts


When it comes to soil preparation, you should use healthy organic garden soil. This is one of the most important things to remember when growing any plant. This is especially true when you are talking about beans. They do not tolerate heavy clay or sandy soils. The rich soil in the humus will help the beans stay healthy and safe.

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The last step in growing bean sprouts in a jar is to make sure the sprouting trays you purchase are large enough. Small sprouting trays often do not allow you to fill up the jar properly and make room for healthy seedlings. This often results in less sprouting than you would like. You want to fill the jar to the top but still allow room for air to circulate the sprouting seeds.

growing bean sprouts in a jar

Moving from Jar to Garden

Once the sprouting seeds are in place, your jar should have a tight-fitting lid. If it is loose, the seeds may sprout, but the sprouting seeds will not get a chance to sprout. When you first start with bean sprouting, you can sprout the seeds right out of the seed pod. You can then move the seeds to the inside of the jar and continue to do so as your plants get bigger. As the plants get bigger, you may want to move some of the seeds out to another location in your garden.

You will be ready to know how to grow bean sprouts in a jar when you get to this point. You will have a complete system going that will ensure proper seed coverage, consistent water, and heat, and your seeds will be ready to sprout when you decide to move them. Now all you have to do is watch and see what crops you grow! Good luck, and may all your fruits be green and handsome!!