How Bad Pesticides Are For Humans & Why to Grow Organic

Debilitating Affects From Pesticides

There are many people that still debate whether pesticides can actually be harmful for humans and whether this is just another issue that really has no evidence either way.  In reality, there is plenty of data that shows how bad pesticides are for humans and that is one huge reason why organic gardening will always be the better way to go.

As per the latest reports, scientists revealed that Parkinson’s disease, one of the most debilitating neurodegenerative diseases, is directly related to long term exposure to pesticides. The risk of developing this disease increases by at least 1.6 times in individuals with direct exposure to any kind of pesticide. Scientist revealed that farm workers who sprayed pesticides or even the people who breathe in the drifting pesticide are at a high risk of suffering from the condition.

Jon Roberts, suffering from the disease and a member of Parkinson’s and Pesticide Committee says, “Figuring that the pesticides contaminated the well water, it was passed on to me as a deformed, doormat gene.” He experiences extreme rigidity in his limbs and has been continually fighting Parkinson’s disease since 2008.

Not only are pesticides responsible for many cases of Parkinson’s disease but there are also several studies that suggest a correlation between pesticide exposure and Alzheimer disease. Along with this, there are other negative effects like birth defects, cancer and skin allergies which are all caused due to prolonged exposure to pesticide. Many of us are not aware that there are pesticides very commonly used by farmers, known as an endocrine disruptor, which can negatively affect our hormone system. Hormones coordinate almost everything in our body – from cell growth to our appetite and even our metabolism. These synthetic pesticide can cause neurological problems, cancer, and can even lead to death in extreme cases.

Benefits Of Organic Gardening & Farmingorganic gardening

It is time to realize that all the chemicals we are putting in the environment and which are designed to kill things, are actually killing us in the long run. It cannot be denied that pesticides are full of harmful chemicals, which will affect us in some way or another. It is extremely important for our health, and the health of future generations to start making lifestyle changes now and start organic gardening and farming.

Organic gardening assures you that there is not one pesticide in the food you are consuming because there are none used in any process along the way. Even 1% of pesticide residue in your food can lead to several diseases in the long run. With organic gardening, you are consuming the healthiest and tastiest of fruits and vegetables, plucked right from your garden and grown all by you. Many of the chemicals and pesticides that are used tend to destroy the flavor and nutrition content of vegetable plants. The most commonly affected nutrients are vitamin B, beta carotene and Vitamin C which are all destroyed with the application of pesticides. With organic gardening, all nutrients are retained offering you complete health benefits.

You will never get as high quality vegetables and fruits from your supermarket as you will from you own garden; but most importantly, you know what you are putting in your body. No guilty pangs, no doubts and no fears about eating pesticide covered, gmo fruits and vegetables; you will always have fresh, organic vegetables when you are organic gardening.

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