Growing and Eating Artichokes

The Ever Versatile Artichoke Vegetable Seeds Artichokes have a reputation as a gourmet vegetable, even though in southern Europe they are eaten as a day-to-day food. Their reputation probably has more to do with cooking them than growing them, since when it comes to growing vegetables, they are an easy crop. Because they have been […]

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The Effects of Soil pH On Your Garden

The Effects of Soil pH: Understanding the Basics If you have any experience with gardening at all, you know that it’s not always easy.  All plants need something different to grow properly, be it different amounts of sunlight, different amounts of water, different types of fertilizer.  Whatever it is, so many different factors go into […]

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Stop Weeds Fast

Stop weeds before they attack your garden Although everybody has their own techniques, methods, and beliefs about how gardening should be approached, there is one thing that there seems to be a general consensus on: weeds are bad.  They strangle out the plants you worked so hard to nurture and grow, and are generally unappealing […]