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gmo labeling
These are the labels they should use

Genetically Modified Organisms or more commonly known as GMO’s refer to plants and animals which have a genetic modification, or are genetically engineered. This implies that they are injected DNA from viruses or bacteria from other animals and plants – this method is actually considered to be a type of crossbreeding that does not occur naturally. The worst part is that though the biotech industry claims that such genetic modification will bring about drought tolerance, increased yield or enhanced nutrition, none of this actually happens. Instead GMOs are connected to severe health problems and irreparable environmental damage.

GMO Labeling

Gmo foods do not taste, look or feel different – you need to check the label on package to know if the food is genetically modified or is filled with such ingredients.  Several countries require that all such foods should be labeled for better consumer awareness. If you can see “GMO-free’ it implies that the food is free from gmo and is safe. However, gmo labeling might be a little confusing because its way of use in packaged food labels is always not the same. Labeling is emphasized keeping in mind the rights of consumers to know what they are having. A recent study has revealed that 91% Americans say they will not have genetically engineered seafood and other similar edibles like fruits and vegetables. Nothing happens in a day and everything adds up slowly! Understanding the dangers of genetic modification and these foods, Americans are now actively speaking out against these in an endeavor for better health and save lives.

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Campaign For Labeling

Food labeling has always been a matter of debate and will always remain so until the bill is passed. Americans are not ready to compromise any longer on their health and are prepared to do everything they can! Yeson522 is a campaign which ensures that all genetically modified foods are labeled in Washington, so that consumers know what they are eating. Gmo labeling does not limit what we grow, it just makes us aware of what we feed our families. Participants who wish to join this campaign have several ways to voice their opinions and create awareness; this includes attending events, joining the Truth Squad, Planning and Event and Get Organizing Materials. It is the time to be aware and create awareness for a better healthy living!

Negative Effects Of Genetic Modification

Food Allergy – As per scientific research, people who consume such genetically modified foods, experience increased level of allergic reactions. It has also been found that many people develop allergies to foods which they were not allergic to previously.

Body Toxicity   The toxity levels of individuals increase as they consume more gmo foods. This leads to several other health hazards like toxicity, cancer and even obesity.

gmo foods
Bigger isn’t always better

Effects Reproductive HealthToo much consumption of Gmo foods cause immense damage to the reproductive

system and health of individuals. It leads to infertility and even cancer.

Impacts Digestive System – GMOs are breeding places for viruses and different bacteria. When gmo foods are consumed, our digestive system is completely exposed to the damaging effects. Experimental research on rats and mice has proved that the digestive system gets bigger without any reason and this happens in case of humans too.

Genetic Effects – GMOs are known to cause long term health risks on humans if such foods are consumed on a regular basis. Birth defects or new born babies with defective organs cannot be ruled out in such condition.

Death – In the most alarming studies, it has been found that regular or too much consumption of gmo foods can even lead to death.

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