20,000 Honey Bees Transported From Womans Home

Saving The Honey Beeshoney bee

Late last week a 98 year old, Sevia Moore, from Florida was recently in the news for a bizarre incident which took place at her home. Moore just recently found out that she was actually sharing her home with 20,000 honeybees and she didn’t even realize it until it was brought to her attention. The existence of so many bees came into light when her granddaughter was over for a visit and was baffled with the unusual buzzing sound coming from nearby. After a quick inspection, she found bee hives not only outside her home, but in the attic as well. Understanding the gravity of the situation, she called for help and before she knew it, professionals were on the scene.

The extent of the situation was very extreme and a somewhat rare case so therefore a beekeeper was called to the home to extract the honey bees. Because of the fact that these were honey bees, nobody wanted to call an exterminator due to their importance to the environment. Instead of killing almost 20,000 honey bees, they instead decided to transport them to a different location in order to preserve the bee’s lives. The honey bees ended up being extracted from the home with a vacuum and then safely transported to a location over 2 miles away. By doing this, the bees can create a new home and thrive in the environment, pollinating flowers.

Importance Of Honey Bees As Natural Pollinators

Honeybees are natural pollinators and pollination in several varieties of plants is possible only due to these bees. Killing these bees implies that the entire balance of nature will be hampered and crop yields could decrease as much as 300%. In fact, in several places, honey bees are used commercially for large scale pollination of several plants and agricultural crops. Beekeepers are paid ridiculous amounts for maintaining hives for honey production. Natural honey is used in several medicines and is richly loaded with many nutrients. 

Saving The Bees – Saving Our pollinationEcosystem

Several crops like sunflowers, alfalfa and canola depend totally on pollination by these bees. Bee pollination benefits are many including helping in preserving our natural forests and keeping crop yields high. Killing bees mean the total demise of several flower species and plants including many fruits and vegetables, which may not be crucial to our survival, but are very important to our health and well-being.

When you have a bee problem and want to take care of it yourself, remember not to harm the bees and do everything you can to safely remove them. You can use a vacuum to suck most of the bees out of the hive and then remove the hive after. Bees can be safely transported by keeping them in cardboard boxed in the back section of the pick up trucks, so that overheating and fresh air ventilation is never a problem. Try to place a screen over the top so that they do still get air but at the same time cannot escape until they are a safe distance from your home.

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