Help Your Kids Enjoy Nature – Introduce Them To Organic Gardening

Are There Any Outdoor Activities For Kids These Days?

summer activities for kids
Do you want your kids doing this all summer?

As a child, I remember spending a majority of my time playing in the garden, swimming, playing outdoor games, hiking, camping, chasing butterflies, building sand castles on vacations, or trying my luck fishing! These were my summer activities and I just looked forward to the summer holidays when I could enjoy myself to my fullest.

Now, think a while – what are the outdoor activities for kids today? Unfortunately, kids are now more addicted to computer games and watching TV. Children are losing touch with nature; they have become too lazy to step out of the house and walk to the nearest park to play! The result of this obsession with technology – child obesity, asthma and numerous other ailments caused due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Outdoor activities for kids are almost reduced to zero now. No wonder there is a record rise in cases of child obesity, asthma, rickets and considerable decline in cardiac and respiratory fitness among kids.outdoor activities for kids

This is not the life we want for our kids – do we? We have a rich ecosystem; it is our duty to ensure that our kids do not get disconnected from it. Kids need to spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature. Remind your children of all the activities you enjoyed outside a child, or teach them new things that you are just discovering now, such as gardening.

Help Your Kids Enjoy Time Organic Gardening

One of the best ways to help connect your children with nature is gardening. Even if you live in the city, urban gardening is highly popular and a great way to save our environment from further damage. If you are planning outdoor activities for kids, try organic gardening. Help your kids’ plant seeds and help them grow organic vegetables or fruits.  Encourage them to spend more time in the lawn or garden area rather than spending time indoors. Studies show that children are more creative in fresh greener places than indoors. Friends can join hands in organic gardening; encourage them to find out better planting techniques, watering methods oorganic gardeningr let them plan the placement of plants. Natural spaces encourage reasoning, improve their observation powers and help them in solving small and large problems which they might come across during the activities.

Organic Gardening creates a bond with nature, helps them explore various options and keeps them active throughout the day. You will love to see the excitement in children as they find their plants blooming with beautiful fresh flowers. Watching seeds germinating, vegetables growing or plants flowering creates a magnetic attraction and kids start getting attached to Mother Earth again. Children will love watering plants, digging soil or cleaning the area; they will certainly be fitter with all these activities! Organic gardening is a small step towards giving a healthier life to our children. It will become a whole new world for them and will create better and healthier avenues in our world which is increasingly being dominated by gadgets and technology. Something as simple as gardening outside with your children on a regular basis will increase their creativity, connect them back with nature, and enjoy the little things in life more. Such a big impact from such a small thing.

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