Container Gardening – Your Way To Organic Gardening

container gardening

Container gardening is gaining popularity across the nation- maybe due to rising prices of organic vegetables and food and the growing awareness of gmo food crops. Everyone loves fresh organic fruits and vegetables but often pay heavily for them. Container gardening gives us the opportunity to revive our ancient culture in our modern homes, while enjoying fresh home grown organic vegetables and fruits. The best part is that you do not need to have an abundance of extra space for container gardening – your favorite vegetables can all be grown in a small space.

Container Gardening At Home

Fresh Organic Vegetables – With container gardening you can grow almost all your favorite vegetables at home. These include potatoes, onions, lettuce, spinach, peas, beans, bell peppers and many more.This eliminates having to spend extra money on expensive grocery store vegetables or take the risk of eating genetically modified vegetables.

Needs Very Little Space – This type of organic gardening is possible in very small spaces. You can have a small container garden in window sills, along pathways and in corners too. You do not need a large garden area or lawn to place these containers. If you have a narrow garden, you can even place containers vertically and enjoy your vertical garden. You just need to ensure that the containers get at least 8 hours of sunlight each day for the growth of the plants.

Grow A Variety – Organic gardening in containers allows you to grow several different varieties of vegetables right beside one another. You can have vegetables which require completely different soil types – since they will be grown in different containers, it is easy to place these containers just beside one another, which is not possible when you grow them directly in the soil bed.

vertical container gardeningImprove Your Health – Indoor container gardening will not only offer you fresh organic herbs and vegetables everyday and improve your general health, this organic garden is good for improving your indoor air quality also. If containers are hung or placed in window sills decoratively, they help in enhancing the entire look of your home. The fragrance of fresh organic vegetables and their easy accessibility whenever needed brings positivity and satisfaction of growing your own healthy food.

The Ease of Organic Gardening

Convenience – Your organic garden is convenient and portable as containers can be easily carried from one place to another. Place them near your kitchen and pick fresh herbs and veggies and cook them immediately. In fact, if you are moving, you don’t have to be sad about leaving your lovely garden behind.

Little Effort – For this gardening, you need not have use heavy equipment or spend hours tilling the soils. Growing vegetables in pots and containers need comparatively lesser effort and since these are kept indoors mostly – you can work on them while relaxing or chatting with your family. With less effort concentrated on your garden, you have the opportunity to enjoy the bounty of harvest even more. Once you start your indoor organic gardening, you will soon realize the many more benefits of having such a garden. It doesn’t take long to feel the difference it makes in your life.

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