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It’s time for Fall Bulbs!

Guess what just arrived into the warehouse?  Our Fall bulbs for Spring blooming, direct from Holland!  Didn’t think they’d make it in until later next week, but they are hear and they look perfect.  The bulbs are available on Amazon or through Buy Wholesale Cheap.

Make sure you get some of our Paperwhite Daffodils to force bloom inside.  They really cheer up a home when the snow starts to fall, that’s for sure.  Generally we sell out pretty fast, and you don’t have to force them right away – you can keep them in a cool, dark place for a few months before you use them, if you want to.  Just get them now so that we don’t run out without you getting some.

The Crocus bulbs haven’t shown up yet, but I am sure they are coming.  As always we’ve got our favorite black tulip, The Queen of the Night on hand and ready to ship.

The best thing about Fall bulbs is that I can begin looking forward to seeing them in the Spring.

Thanks again!

Todd Snively

Todd's Seeds was born in 2009. We originally sold different types of speciality grass seeds, such as putting green (bentgrass) seeds. We quickly evolved into vegetable seeds, then flower seeds and finally sprouting seeds. Our goal has always been to provide the finest seeds available.

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