Organic Pest Control In Your Garden

Removing Garden Pests Organically

Completely removing garden pests can be a very hard task but believe it or not, it is possible. Gardens are a food source; a source of life not only for humans, but insects as well. Organic pest control methods are not just easy to use but these are absolutely safe for your vegetables too. Organic pesticides can be prepared at home with natural materials that are completely safe and help in removing the pests effectively. Here are some easy ways to use organic pest control in your garden.

Milky Sporeorganic pest control

These granules can be spread in the soil which specifically targets Japanese Beetle grubs and will leave all other beneficial organisms unharmed. It is believed that one treatment of milky spore can last for 10 years. This is a certified organic product and will in no way harm anything other than grubs, leaving your vegetables in the garden safe to eat.

Ivory Soap

Another very effective organic pest control ingredient is ivory soap. Canola oil when mixed with water and ivory soap can kill all soft bodied insects like aphids, mealy bugs and mites. This mixture needs to mix well and sprayed on plants from above and even to the inside of the leaves. Another great organic pesticide can be prepared using hot pepper sauce and a few drops of ivory soap in a quart of water. This needs to stand overnight, shaken well and sprayed on plants for killing garden pests.

Oil Sprays

Oil sprays are effective in suffocating garden pests if sprayed directly on them. Dormant oils can be used to kills disease spores on tree branches,  pest eggs, and removing pests from leaves.  Horticultural oil which is often referred to as ‘summer’ or ‘supreme’ oil can be used on lighter weight plants, since this oil evaporates quicker than dormant oils.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a quite effective ingredient for organic pest control. It is effective against fungal diseases which attacks plants. Just two tablespoons of baking soda needs to be mixed in a quart of water and sprayed on plants directly. This process needs to be repeated regularly for best results.

Attract Beneficial Insectsgarden pests

There are several beneficial insects which you can attract in your garden to control harmful garden pests. A ladybug consumes mites, scale, whiteflies and aphids and can be attracted in your garden by planting daisies. Hover flies are also beneficial as they feast on aphids and other insects. They are usually attracted by composite flowers like yarrow, asters and goldenrod. The Praying Mantis is a largely beneficial insects which feeds on mostly harmful garden pests.

Vegetable Soaps

All vegetable based soaps and detergents can be sprayed on plants in small quantities. These stick to the plants and cause harm to insects which get stuck on them.

Smelly Substances

Garden pests are repelled by smelly substances like garlic, fish, rhubarb and tobacco. These can be used in repelling them and preventing them from entering the garden once you have treated the area.

organic pesticideOne thing that should be kept in mind is that when you are thinking about going out and spraying, pay attention to the weather. If you spray on a hot, sunny day, there is a high chance that the plants with dry out and burn due to the heat. It is incredible that people even use non organic pesticides now a day because of all the different organic options there are now. What could be surprising to some is that organic pest control methods are actually just as effective as the non-organic methods which can be very harmful.

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