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Are Organic Seeds Healthier Than Hybrid Seeds?

Are Organically Grown Non GMO Seeds Worth All The Hype?

One of the biggest shockers on television recently was Dr. Oz’s outrageous claims that organic seeds are absolute nonsense. According to him, it is like any other business and the additional money you shell out on organic foods are not going to help you in anyway. Dr.Oz is one of the most celebrated television personalities and millions of people around the world look up to him for quality advice. But all he is giving is advice; all it is, is an opinion.

What Makes Organic Seeds Different?

In anon gmo seeds nutshell, organic seeds are a whole different ball game. They can’t be compared with genetically modified and hybrid seeds at any level. Here is why:

• Organic farmers do not use any type of hormones and artificial substances on their animals, which means the organic fertilizers are also pretty much hormone free.

• The farming techniques rely heavily on natural fertilizers and other substances that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

• Even food is not modified with artificial substances to enhance color, texture and longevity.

Why Pay The Extra Price For Organic?

When you go to the grocery store and check out the prices of organic food, you will notice that they are slightly more expensive than the non-organic ones. This is a very big turnoff to most people and they choose not to buy organic and would rather go for the typical genetically modified foods. After all, organic food is no magic potion that can transform your life. Right? Wrong! Organic products have loads of benefits which will not be found in your usual daily items.

Benefits Of Buying Organic Food:

• No chemicals – One of the biggest benefits of buying organic food is that you don’t have to worry if there are chemicals in them. Natural farming does not use any harmful chemicals and pesticides which improves the quality, freshness and the nutritional value of the product. You might have certainly heard about people falling sick or developing allergies to certain food. The reason is the chemicals reacting in them.

• They are put through strict tests – Getting an organic certification is no easy job for farmers. People who do organic farming are put under strict regulations (QAI) which means that they cannot use any kind of toxic elements to improve their produce. When you see this certification, you can be sure that they are completely safe for your health.

• Taste Great – Predictably, organic food that does not have any artificial elements taste better than normal chemical induced produce. So they naturally taste great!

• Protects the environment – The elimination of harsh chemicals and pesticides improves the quality of the air, which is good for the environment.

Hence, with so many benefits in organic products, it is only natural that they are priced slightly higher than the normal produce. Since it does take more effort in producing organic food, charges also go up. However, on the brighter side, the extra money that you pay for organic food is not much compared to the medicals bills you might have to incur as a result of resorting damages due to non-organic food.

Go The Extra Mile With Organic Seedsorganic seeds

As one last thing that can be done to protect the environment even further and help reduce the costs of eating organic foods is starting a garden in your yard using organic seeds. Todd Snively, President of Todd’s Seeds comments, “Starting your own vegetable garden really benefits you and the environment more than you could imagine. Something that people don’t usually think about is that you are saving the gas that it would have taken to get the vegetables to the grocery store for you to purchase, which in turn, helps the environment.” You will constantly benefit from the garden with the unlimited number of fresh vegetables at your never-ending disposal. Your grocery cost will substantially drop and you will have fresh organic fruits and vegetables for only a fraction of the price that they would cost at the grocery store. Organic seeds to start a garden can be purchased at extremely low prices and this makes organic vegetables actually less expensive than regular vegetables.

Todd's Seeds was born in 2009. We originally sold different types of speciality grass seeds, such as putting green (bentgrass) seeds. We quickly evolved into vegetable seeds, then flower seeds and finally sprouting seeds. Our goal has always been to provide the finest seeds available.

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