Starting Your Winter Garden Off Right

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Now Is The Best Time To Start A Winter Garden

The summer is soon coming to a close and as typical human beings, we are 10 steps ahead of ourselves thinking about the coming months. Now that fall is almost upon us, it is getting to be the time where planning our winter garden needs to begin. It is amazing how long the list of vegetables is that you can plant in the fall for your winter garden. Broccoli, Asparagus, beans, beets, carrots, lettuce, and kale are among the many vegetables that you can plant in the upcoming fall months depending on which hardiness zone you reside in. Not only can you plant vegetables in your winter garden, but you can also plant flower bulbs that will bloom in the early spring.

Get Your Daffodil Bulbs Now

The key to a successful winter garden is to start now! Planting can start anywhere from late August to early-mid November but the earlier you start, the better. The sooner that the bulbs are in the ground, the better they will bloom. One of the most popular flower bulbs of the season are the beautiful daffodils; but not just any daffodil, the paperwhite daffodil.These are one of the paperwhitessmaller flowered daffodils but make up for their size with a larger bloom.

When it comes to daffodils, the most elegant out of all of them is the classic, all white, Paperwhite. This delicate flower has much less foliage than other larger daffodils and is very good for either blooming inside in water or stones or planting outside for an early spring bloom. These paperwhites make great borders for any garden because their foliage does not overtake any of the other neighboring plants. As for planting inside, the most common problem encountered is the stem may become floppy from it being too warm. Try to keep them in a shady, cooler area of the house.

Now is the best time to start planing your bulbs and Paperwhite Daffodil Bulbs paperwhitesare already becoming readily available but they need to be ordered soon or you won’t get the most of the bulbs potential.Todd Snively of Todd’s Seeds expressed his excitement about the upcoming season, “These Paperwhites come straight from Holland and are of the absolute highest quality so you can experience beautiful flowers all winter long. Forcing bulbs indoors during the winter months can chase any winter blues away.” Something that can be done is plant a pot of paperwhites every 2-3 weeks for a continuous succession of blooms throughout the winter months. You can buy all the bulbs at one time and store the unused ones in a cold dark place until you want to plant them.

Whether you are a veteran gardener or just a beginner wanting some summer beauty during the cold winter months, paperwhites are the perfect flower to enjoy throughout the holiday season and more.



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