5 Things You Should Take Into Consideration When Building an Aquaponic System

There are many things to take into account when building an Aquaponic System. Commercial aquaponics has become popular. These companies have retailers who sell items for commercial aquaponics systems and retailers who sell supplies for backyard aquaponics systems. Aquatic plants that are leftover from home aquaponic projects can not be transferred to Florida waterways. Aquaponics in the backyard usually involves growing vegetables and fruits.

Remember, when building an aquaponic system, it does not involve soil at all. The water, which is filtered and purified, feeds the plants. The process of using water and plants to grow plants, as a result, is known as aquaculture. In the past aquaculture was only successful with fish farms and with farming on small farms. This was because fish farms have access to the cleanest water. However, the water and land available for fish farms were constantly in demand. So, it was next to impossible to grow crops that would sustain a large population.

Now, with the new development of aquaponic gardening and fish farms, aquaculture has become a more sustainable solution. Aquaponics is based on the same principle that occurs in nature, but is designed to grow food in small, enclosed environments. By growing food in an enclosed environment, farmers can increase the amount of nutrient the plants have and also control pests. These are two issues that can be difficult to handle with traditional farming methods.

Some of the best commercial aquaponics are those that combine aquaculture with hydroponics. Water and nutrient-rich soil are in the same system. Hydroponics, on the other hand, is to plant herbs and vegetables. Most of the time, hydroponics takes two forms; liquid and dry forms. A liquid form can be used if hydroponics in a larger area is desirable.

When deciding on whether or not to implement an aquaponics system, consider the cost of the equipment you are going to buy. When building an aquaponic system, the more expensive the system, the more you can expect to spend on it. Also, keep in mind that it will require a great deal of space to store it. Make sure you consider the space you have available for the system before buying it.

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building an aquaponic system

Here are 5 Things to Consider When Building an Aquaponics System:

1. Location

Remember that when choosing a location for your aquaponics system, the place where you put your system is very, very important in determining how the plants and the fish will grow. In order to obtain the best possible results, you should verify that the temperature is not too excessively hot, nor too cold, that there is plenty of light for the plants to produce the required nutrients, and that no excessive wind or extreme weather will affect them. Also, make sure that no chemical substances can get to the water as this means certain death for both the fish and your plants.

2. Oxygenizing the water

You want happy, happy, happy fish when building an aquaponic system. If your fish are thrilled silly, the better your aquaponic system will work for you! So, when building an aquaponic system, make sure you take into account the fact that you will need to oxygenize the water. This needs to be done on a daily basis. Your fish will thank you for this, maybe not with words, but sometimes a look that resembles a smile will appear.

3. Choosing your fish accordingly

The good news about building an aquaponic system is that your aquaponic system will well with just about any kind of fish. Just keep in mind that certain states do have restrictions about what kind of fish you can grow. Make sure you do not run afoul of the fish spies in your states government office. Never heard of anyone going to jail over this issue, but why take a chance?

4. Placing the pots

When building an aquaponic system, remember that this is going to be fun! You’re going to minimize the amount of fun you’re going to have when harvest time rolls around and it’s difficult to reach your pots. Make sure when placing the pots that you keep this in mind. Most people find putting them in at waist level is the most convenient. Bending over is no fun, so why set yourself up for a case of the bends? Remember, there’s going to be daily care also, so keep everything within a convenient reach or bend for you.

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5. Adding additives

It is possible that your fish may not produce all the nutrients necessary for your plants. If the nutrient levels are lower than what the plants require, then you are going to have make sure you add in whatever nutrients are missing with supplements.

There are plenty of books, websites and magazines that explain everything there is about aquaponics. Make sure that you take advantage of what is written to learn how to make a healthy, cheap system. Once you have made the decision to use the system, you will soon be enjoying all of the benefits of growing your own produce in a beautiful backyard environment.

Remember to use Todd’s Seeds when building an Aquaponic System.

This is an Excellent Resource to Learn How to Setup Your Own System:

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